Vigilance Properties delivers leading protection services across the UK.

A flexible nationwide range of offerings, with cost-effective solutions a priority. An ex-military operation, our workforce is drilled to deliver top levels of service at short notice.

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Vigilance Properties Ltd
20A Eccleston Street, Belgravia
London, SW1W 9LT

Tel: 0203 416 5340
Fax: 0203 416 5350

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Our Services

Our competitive core trio of services (caretaking, guarding and concierge) is delivered at short notice with speed and precision. More specific client requirements and a range of additional security needs are met by our specialist teams.

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Dartford Distributio...

Each client requirement is unique, and no two operational approaches are identical. These case studies offer a snapshot of some of the diverse tasks and solutions we deliver.

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Our Workforce

We take pride in the high calibre and wide ranging skills of our workers. Almost all Vigilance personnel are ex-Services and experienced at operating in challenging environments.

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